One of the Lights in my Life tealight


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Here it all started: I made this tealight for a good friend who was planning to move to the Caribbean for a couple of years.

He helped me through a darker period in my life and I realised he, my daughters and a lot other people around me are the lights in my life!

So when I realised every time people light there candles or shine there lights given to then by a specific person they think about that person so then there is a connection between Love and Light.


I hope my lights will Enlighten the world.


You can choose 3 types of tea light:

Standard open: give nice shadow lights effect on the walls

Chinese rice foil: less light but more warmth

Rainbow color foil: psychedelic effect with all kind of colors

Please let us know which one you want in a email through the contact form. Standard you will get the open version.

Tea light is included.