About me

It started as a small, hobby-based project.

I am a big fan of sacred geometry and spiritual development. 

A small group of special people around me, but especially my two beautiful daughters are the lights in my life.

I realized at one point: if I share my lights and wooden creations with many people, love can shine everywhere as soon as the lights are on or candles are lit.

Especially when the lights are on, given by friends.



Now it’s time to share my work with the world.  View all products in the webshop.  

Please share the light.

 With warm regards, Roy

Any requests?

Please contact me by e-mail if you have any interest or requests. You can find the contact details at the end of this page.


I hope that my lamps and woodart can spread some more light and love in the world!

Check out all products in the webshop.



I’m a creative mind based in the Netherlands.

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